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Synthesis of In0.1Ga0.9N/GaN structures grown by MOCVD and MBE for high speed optoelectronics

  • Bandar Alshehri (a1), Karim Dogheche (a1), Sofiane Belahsene (a2), Bilal Janjua (a3), Abderrahim Ramdane (a2), Gilles Patriarche (a2), Tien-Khee Ng (a3), Boon S-Ooi (a3), Didier Decoster (a1) and Elhadj Dogheche (a1)...


In this work, we report a comparative investigation of InxGa1-xN (SL) and InxGa1-xN/GaN (MQW) structures with an indium content equivalent to x=10%. Both structures are grown on (0001) sapphire substrates using MOCVD and MBE growth techniques. Optical properties are evaluated for samples using PL characteristics. Critical differences between the resulting epitaxy are observed. Microstructures have been assessed in terms of crystalline quality, density of dislocations and surface morphology. We have focused our study towards the fabrication of vertical PIN photodiodes. The technological process has been optimized as a function of the material structure. From the optical and electrical characteristics, this study demonstrates the benefit of InGaN/GaN MQW grown by MOCVD in comparison with MBE for high speed optoelectronic applications.


Corresponding author


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