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Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole thin films in a resistive plasma reactor by high frequency

  • E. De la Cruz-Reyes (a1), C. Hernández-Tenorio (a1), M. Villanueva-Castañeda (a1), H. Moreno-Saavedra (a1) and R. Alejo-Eleuterio (a1)...


Polypyrrole (PPy) thin films were synthetized by plasma and simultaneously doped with Iodine to enhance electromagnetic absorption and charge transfer capability in a resistive coupling cylindrical reactor. Pyrrole monomer and Iodine were the principal reagents used and the chemical reactions were created by high frequency plasma. Micrographs show an irregular surface formed by semi-spherical protrusions with tiny particles in the PPy/I samples and a rather smooth surface with wrinkles and less participation of tiny particles to PPy ones. Infrared spectroscopy analysis reveals important absorption peaks at 3253, 2932, 1668 and 635 cm-1 corresponding to the chemical bonds N-H and C-H, C-H aliphatic, C=C and C-I, respectively, belonging to the chemical structure of Pyrrole. Electrical conductivity of PPy increased from 10-10 to 10-8 S/cm due to Iodine doping. Electromagnetic absorption showed a higher response between 340 and 800 nm in the visible region. Activation energy was calculated in the range from -0.09 to 0.49 eV.


Corresponding author


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Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole thin films in a resistive plasma reactor by high frequency

  • E. De la Cruz-Reyes (a1), C. Hernández-Tenorio (a1), M. Villanueva-Castañeda (a1), H. Moreno-Saavedra (a1) and R. Alejo-Eleuterio (a1)...


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