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Synthesis and Characterization of Multiblock Poly(Ester-Amide-Urethane)s

  • Xingzhou Peng (a1) (a2) (a3) (a4), Marc Behl (a1) (a3), Pengfei Zhang (a1) (a2) (a3), Magdalena Mazurek-Budzyńska (a1), Yakai Feng (a2) (a4) and Andreas Lendlein (a1) (a3) (a4)...


In this study, a multiblock copolymer containing oligo(3-methyl-morpholine-2,5-dione) (oMMD) and oligo(3-sec-butyl-morpholine-2,5-dione) (oBMD) building blocks obtained by ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of the corresponding monomers, was synthesized in a polyaddition reaction using an aliphatic diisocyanate. The multiblock copolymer (pBMD-MMD) provided a molecular weight of 40,000 g·mol−1, determined by gel permeation chromatography (GPC). Incorporation of both oligodepsipeptide segments in multiblock copolymers was confirmed by 1H NMR and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time Of Flight Mass Spectroscopy (MALDI-TOF MS) analysis. pBMD-MMD showed two separated glass transition temperatures (61 °C and 74 °C) indicating a microphase separation. Furthermore, a broad glass transition was observed by DMTA, which can be attributed to strong physical interaction i.e. by H-bonds formed between amide, ester, and urethane groups of the investigated copolymers. The obtained multiblock copolymer is supposed to own the capability to exhibit strong physical interactions.


Corresponding author


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