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Structural and Magnetocaloric Properties of Ball Milled LaFe13−x Si x (H,C) y

  • L. Bessais (a1), M. Phejar (a1) and V. Paul-Boncour (a1)


LaFe13−x Si x compounds display a giant magnetocaloric effect near 200 K. The insertion of light elements (H, C) is used to improve the Curie temperature near ambient temperature for magnetic refrigeration applications. We have developed a synthesis method with a short annealing treatment compared to classical melting techniques. The parent intermetallic alloys were synthesized by high energy ball milling. The insertion of H atoms was carried out using a Sievert apparatus and the carbon atom was inserted by solid/solid reaction. Moreover, structural and magnetic results were carried out by neutron diffraction and Mössbauer spectrometry for H content (y = 0.7,1.5) and C content (y = 0.7). The cell parameter and the Fe magnetic moments versus temperature are determined. The misunderstanding on interstitial site is clarified. The magnetovolume effect on the Curie temperature is explained by combination of the structural and magnetic properties. The advantages and drawbacks of each type of element insertion are discussed.


Corresponding author


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Structural and Magnetocaloric Properties of Ball Milled LaFe13−x Si x (H,C) y

  • L. Bessais (a1), M. Phejar (a1) and V. Paul-Boncour (a1)


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