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Spiral diffusion of self-assembled dimers of Janus spheres

  • John G. Gibbs (a1), Amir Nourhani (a1) (a2), Joel N. Johnson (a1) and Paul E. Lammert (a2)


Janus spheres, micron-sized silica spheres half-coated with platinum, move rectilinearly away from the platinum side in aqueous hydrogen peroxide. Upon self-assembling, these colloidal particles can form dimers with different conformations that exhibit both rectilinear and rotational modes of motion depending upon the relative orientation of each Janus sphere. At the micron length-scale, stochastic rotational Brownian dynamics is of the order of deterministic dynamics, and their coupling results in effective diffusion, in addition to passive translational diffusion. For dimers with rotary motion, the dynamic coupling leads to spiral trajectories for an ensemble average of the displacement vector.


Corresponding author


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