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Smooth TiO2 Thin Films Grown by Aqueous Spray Deposition for Long-Wave Infrared Applications

  • Sarmad Fawzi Hamza Alhasan (a1) (a2), Seth R. Calhoun (a3), Hussain Abouelkhair (a3), Vanessa C. Lowry (a3), Robert E. Peale (a3), Imen Rezadad (a4), Evan M. Smith (a5) (a6), Justin W. Cleary (a6) and Isaiah O. Oladeji (a7)...


Self-assembled TiO2 films deposited by aqueous-spray deposition were investigated to evaluate morphology, crystalline phase, and infrared optical constants. The Anatase nano-crystalline film had ∼10 nm characteristic surface roughness sparsely punctuated by defects of not more than 200 nm amplitude. The film is highly transparent throughout the visible to wavelengths of 12 μm. The indirect band gap was determined to be 3.2 eV. Important for long-wave infrared applications is that dispersion in this region is weak compared with the more commonly used dielectric SiO2 for planar structures. An example application to a metal-insulator-metal resonant absorber is presented. The low-cost, large-area, atmospheric-pressure, chemical spray deposition method allows conformal fabrication on flexible substrates for long-wave infrared photonics.


Corresponding author


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