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The Role of Nano-crystallites on Conduction Mechanisms of Current Through Ag Gridlines of Si Solar Cells

  • Keming Ren (a1), Tang Ye (a1), Yong Zhang (a1) and Abasifreke Ebong (a1)


In order to understand the impact of nano-crystallites on current transport mechanisms in screen-printed c-Si solar cells with lowly-doped emitter, Te-glass based Ag pastes with different transition temperatures (Tg) were used. The Te-glass with lower Tg showed lower Rc than the one with higher Tg due to the formation of nano-crystallites in the glass layer. These nano-crystallites enhance the conductivity of the glass and lead to higher fill factor (FF). The nature of these nano-crystallites was first identified by the Raman spectrometry and the peaks at 76 cm-1, 119 cm-1 and 145 cm-1 were corresponding to Ag2Te and PbTe. The conductive-AFM further confirmed the high conductivity of these nano-crystallites without pyramidal Ag crystallites, which means the current transporting from Si emitter to Ag gridlines is mainly through the nano-crystallites in the glass.


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