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Radiosynthesis of Gold/Albumin Core/shell Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

  • Constanza Y. Flores (a1), Estefania Achilli (a1) and Mariano Grasselli (a1)


Gold/albumin core/shell nanoparticles (Au/AlbNPs) was prepared by a novel aggregation/crosslinking technique and characterized by several spectroscopic and microscopy methods. Albumin, in presence of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), is aggregated by the addition of ethanol and further stabilized by radiation-induced crosslinking using a 60Co source. Nanoconstructs are characterized to determine size, morphology and optical characteristics. The Au/AlbNPs were prepared in different ethanol and albumins concentrations. Results showed that it is possible to obtain Au/AlbNPs using ethanol 30 %v/v, albumin in different concentrations and an irradiation dose of 10 kGy. Au/AlbNP plasmon peak shifted to 530 nm, keeping the typical plasmon peak shape. The size of Au/AlbNPs is approximately double respect to the naked AuNPs and they show core/shell type morphology. The main amide peaks of albumin in FTIR spectrum can be found in the spectrum of nanoconstructs.


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