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A preliminary validation study of PuO2 incorporation into zirconolite glass-ceramics

  • Stephanie M. Thornber (a1), Martin C. Stennett (a1), Eric R. Vance (a2), Dorji T. Chavara (a2), Ian Watson (a2), Miodrag Jovanovic (a2), Joel Davis (a2), Daniel Gregg (a2) and Neil C. Hyatt (a1)...


Zirconolite glass-ceramics are being developed as potential wasteforms for the disposition of Pu wastes in the UK. Previous studies utilised a variety of surrogates whilst this work uses both cold-press and sinter and hot isostatic press methods to validate the wasteform with PuO2. A cold press and sinter sample was fabricated as part of a validation study for plutonium incorporation in hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) wasteforms. The results confirmed the cold-press and sinter, achieved successful waste incorporation and a microstructure and phase assemblage that was in agreement with those expected of a HIPed equivalent. A HIP sample was fabricated of the same composition and characterised by SEM and XRD. Results were in agreement with the sintered sample and achieved complete waste incorporation into the glass-ceramic wasteform. These samples have demonstrated successful incorporation of PuO2 into glass-ceramic HIPed wasteforms proposed for processing Pu-based waste-streams in the UK.


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