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Polymer-Mineral Composite Solid Electrolytes

  • Bo Wang (a1)


Polymer-mineral composite solid electrolytes have been prepared by hot pressing using lithium ion-exchanged bentonite (LIEB) and mineral derived LATSP (Li1.2Al0.1Ti1.9Si0.1P2.9O12) NASICON materials as solid electrolyte fillers in the polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymer containing LiTFSI salt. The mineral based solid electrolyte fillers not only increase ionic conductivity but also improve thermal stability. The highest ionic conductivities in the PEO-LIEB and PEO-LATSP composites were found to be 9.4×10-5 and 3.1×10-4 S·cm-1 at 40°C, respectively. The flexible, thermal stable and mechanical sturdy polymer-mineral composite solid electrolyte films can be used in the all-solid-state batteries.


Corresponding author


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Polymer-Mineral Composite Solid Electrolytes

  • Bo Wang (a1)


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