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Performance Degradation Due to Nonlocal Heating Effects in Resistive ReRAM Memory Arrays

  • M. Al-Mamun (a1) and M. Orlowski (a1)


Frequent switching of resistive memory cell may lead to a local accumulation of Joules heat in the device. Since the ReRAM cells are arranged in crossbar arrays with the two electrodes running perpendicular to each other, the heat generated in one device spreads via common electrode metal lines to the neighboring cells causing their performance degradation. Also cells that do not share any of the two electrodes (e.g. the diagonal array cells) with the hot device may also degrade provided the intermediate cells are set to an on-state establishing thus a continuous thermal conduction path between the heated and the probed device. It is found that the heat conduction along the active Cu electrode is more pronounced than that along the inert Pt electrode. Devices with Rh inert electrode performed better than those with Pt electrode due to better heat conductivity properties of Rh vs Pt. The heat dissipation is also found worse for a heated device with narrow and thin lines causing, however less degradation of more distant neighbor cells than for wide and thick metal lines. Finally, there is a trade-off between dissipating the heat quickly form the heated device to increase its maximum switching cycles and the heat exposure of the neighboring devices.


Corresponding author


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