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Patternable Rough Textured Gold Microwire for Neurochemical Sensing

  • Eva Mutunga (a1) and Pawan Tyagi (a2)


Understanding spatial and temporal neuronal activities is crucial for finding the cure for brain related ailments and advancement of our knowledge about the brain itself. This paper discusses our recent finding of the patternable rough textured gold microwire for neurochemical sensing. We have successfully fabricated the ∼5 µm wide and ∼ 60 nm thick gold microwires based electrochemical sensor. We produced these microwires along the edge of lithographically patterned nickel thin film. A nickel thin film edge was shadowed by the photoresist overhang during electrochemical growth only to allow gold deposition along the edges. Our electrochemical growth conditions yielded very rough textured sensor. Rough textured biosensors are highly desirable for increasing surface/volume ratio for efficient electrochemical sensing. These rough-textured microwires were transformed into the functional neurochemical sensor to detect dopamine. Our voltammetry and chronoamperometry studies on rough textured microwires based sensor confirmed the successful detection of dopamine.


Corresponding author



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