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Monocrystalline elastic constants of fcc-CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloy

  • Katsushi Tanaka (a1), Takeshi Teramoto (a1) and Ryo Ito (a1)


Mono-crystalline elastic constants of equiatomic quinary Cr-Mn-Fe-Co-Ni high entropy alloy with the fcc structure have experimentally been determined by a resonance ultrasound spectroscopy at room temperature. The values of the bulk modulus of the high entropy alloy experimentally determined are similar to other conventional fcc metals when the values are normalized by the melting points. This indicates that the entropy change at melting is similar to that of conventional metals. The values of Pough’s index and the Cauchy pressure are determined as 1.79 and -11.6 GPa, respectively. When the ductility of the alloy is judged from the indices, the ductility of the high entropy alloy is limited. In order to explain the negative Cauchy pressure of the high entropy alloy, it is required to assume that relatively strong directional interatomic bondings like intermetallic compounds exist in the alloy though the crystal is disordered solid solution.


Corresponding author


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