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The Internal Buckling Behavior Induced by Growth Self-restriction in Vertical Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays

  • Quan Zhang (a1), Guo-an Cheng (a1) and Rui-ting Zheng (a1)


The internal buckling is a common phenomenon in the as-grown carbon nanotube arrays. It makes the physical properties of carbon nanotube array in experiment lower than that in theory. In this work, we analyzed the formation and evolution mechanism of the internal buckling based on quasi-static compression model, which is different from collective effect of the van der Waals interactions. The self-restriction effect and the different growth rate of carbon nanotubes verify the possibility of the quasi-static compression model to explain the morphology evolution of vertical carbon nanotube arrays, especially the phenomenon of the quasi-straight and bent carbon nanotubes coexisted in the array. We generalized the Euler beam to wave-like beam and explained the mechanism of high-mode buckling combined with the van der Waals interaction. The calculated result about the link between compressive stress and strain confirms with the stage of collective buckling in the quasi-static compression test of carbon nanotube array. Preparation of well-organized carbon nanotube arrays was strong evidence verified the effect of self-restriction in experiment.


Corresponding author


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The Internal Buckling Behavior Induced by Growth Self-restriction in Vertical Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays

  • Quan Zhang (a1), Guo-an Cheng (a1) and Rui-ting Zheng (a1)


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