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II-VI Material Integration With Silicon for Detector and PV Applications

  • T.A. Gessert (a1), E. Colegrove (a2), B. Stafford (a2), R. Kodama (a1), Wei Gao (a2), H.R. Moutinho (a3), D. Kuciauskas (a3), R.C. Reedy (a3), T.M. Barnes (a3) and S. Sivananthan (a2)...


Heteroepitaxial growth of high-quality II-VI-alloy materials on Si substrates is a well-established commercial growth process for infrared (IR) detector devices. However, it has only recently been recognized that these same processes may have important applications for production of high-efficiency photovoltaic devices. This submission reviews the process developments that have enabled effective heteroepitaxy of II-VI alloy materials on lattice-mismatched Si for IR detectors as a foundation to describe recent efforts to apply these insights to the fabrication of multijunction Si/CdZnTe devices with ultimate conversion efficiencies >40%. Reviewed photovoltaic studies include multijunction Si/CdZnTe devices with conversion efficiency of ∼17%, analysis of structural and optoelectrical quality of undoped CdTe epilayer films on Si, and the effect that a Te-rich growth environment has on the structural and optoelectronic quality of both undoped and As-doped heteroepitaxial CdTe.


Corresponding author


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