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High-Strain Shape-Memory Properties of Poly(Carbonate-Urea-Urethane)s Based on Aliphatic Oligocarbonates and L-Lysine Diisocyanate

  • Magdalena Mazurek-Budzyńska (a1) (a2), Muhammad Y. Razzaq (a1), Gabriel Rokicki (a2), Marc Behl (a1) and Andreas Lendlein (a1)...


The simultaneous capability of high-strain deformation and high shape recovery ratio constitutes a great challenge in design of the shape-memory polymers. Here we report on poly(carbonate-urea-urethane)s (PCUUs) synthesized by a precursor route, based on oligo(alkylene carbonate) diols, L-lysine diisocyanate (LDI), and water vapor. When programed with a strain of ε prog = 800%, the PCUU networks exhibited a one-way shape-memory effect (1W-SME) with excellent shape fixity (> 97%) and shape recovery (> 99%) ratios. The switching temperatures (T sw) varied between 50 and 56 °C and correlated to the melting transitions of the switching domains. The obtained PCUUs capable of high-strain are interesting candidate materials for degradable biomaterials as required in smart medical devices.


Corresponding author


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