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Growth of halide perovskites thin films for thermoelectric applications

  • Shrikant Saini (a1), Ajay Kumar Baranwal (a2), Tomohide Yabuki (a1), Shuzi Hayase (a2) and Koji Miyazaki (a1)...


Thermoelectric materials can play an important role to develop a sustainable energy source for internet of things devices near room temperature. In this direction, it is important to have a thermoelectric material with high thermoelectric performance. Cesium tin triiodide (CsSnI3) single crystal perovskite has shown high value of Seebeck coefficient and ultra low thermal conductivity which are necessary conditions for high thermoelectric performance. Here, we report the thermoelectric response of CsSnI3 thin films. These films are prepared by cost effective wet spin coating process at different baking temperature. Films were characterized using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. In our case, films baked at 130°C for 5 min have shown the best thermoelectric performance at room temperature with: Seebeck coefficient 115 μV/K and electrical conductivity 124 S/cm, thermal conductivity 0.36 W/m·K and figure of merit ZT of 0.137.


Corresponding author


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Growth of halide perovskites thin films for thermoelectric applications

  • Shrikant Saini (a1), Ajay Kumar Baranwal (a2), Tomohide Yabuki (a1), Shuzi Hayase (a2) and Koji Miyazaki (a1)...


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