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Exponential Conductivity Increase in Strained MoS2 via MEMS Actuation

  • A. Vidana (a1), S. Almeida (a2), M. Martinez (a1), E. Acosta (a1), J. Mireles (a3), T. –J. King (a2) and D. Zubia (a1)...


In this work, a poly-Si0.35Ge0.65 microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)- based actuator was designed and fabricated using a CMOS compatible standard process to specifically strain a bi-layered (2L) MoS2 flake and measure its electrical properties. Experimental results of the MEMS-TMDC device show an increase of conductivity up to three orders of magnitude by means of vertical actuation using the substrate as the body terminal. A force balance model of the MEMS-TMDC was used to determine the amount of strain induced in the MoS2 flake. Strains as high as 3.3% is reported using the model fitted to the experimental data.


Corresponding author


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