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Exploring stress-grown carbon nanotubes in the optical regime

  • Michael S. Lowry (a1)


Carbon nanotube arrays were grown in the presence of an applied mechanical stress (30 min, 60 mN/mm2 mechanical pressure) and dispersed in aqueous solution (0.08 - 2.3 mm2/mL). Optical (450-950 nm) transmission and right angle scattering measurements were performed on these dispersions and on an analogous set of conventional (non-stressed) carbon nanotubes. Results show similar transmission behavior and different right angle scattering dependence on concentration for stress-grown and conventional carbon nanotubes. This investigation provides the first evidence of differentiation between stress-grown and conventional carbon nanotubes in the optical regime, suggesting a point of departure for future applications.


Corresponding author


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Exploring stress-grown carbon nanotubes in the optical regime

  • Michael S. Lowry (a1)


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