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Effects of alumina sources (gibbsite, boehmite, and corundum) on melting behavior of high-level radioactive waste melter feed

  • SeungMin Lee (a1), Pavel Hrma (a1), Richard Pokorny (a2), Jaroslav Klouzek (a2), Bradley J. VanderVeer (a1), Carmen P. Rodriguez (a1), Jaehun Chun (a1), Michael J. Schweiger (a1) and Albert A. Kruger (a3)...


Types of melter feed materials affect glass production rates. This study focuses on the effects of alumina sources on melting behavior of high-alumina high-level-waste melter feeds containing different alumina sources, namely, gibbsite, boehmite, and corundum. The heat flow from the glass melt to the cold cap, a floating layer of the reacting feed, is partially hindered by a foam layer at the bottom of the cold cap. Volume expansion tests and thermoanalytical methods revealed that a slow-melting feed with corundum foamed extensively, whereas a fast-melting feed with boehmite had a low reaction heat and produced less stable foam. The foam thickness, a critical factor for the rate of melting, estimated using the relationship between the heat conductivity and foam porosity was in reasonable agreement with experimental observation.


Corresponding author


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