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Effect of Laser Welding on the Mechanical Properties AISI 1018 Steel

  • M. A. Carrizalez-Vazquez (a1), M. Alvarez-Vera (a1), A. Hernández-Rodríguez (a1), J. M. Orona-Hinojos (a1) (a2), Gabriel Sandoval-Vázquez (a2) and J. L. Acevedo-Dávila (a1)...


Laser welding processes offer significant advantages such as high welding speed, narrow heat affected zone and quality of the welding joint. In this study, the process parameters of laser power and welding speed were modified for AISI 1018 steel plates of 8 mm thickness and compared using finite element method. The results of cross-section microstructure, heat affected zone and fusion zone were characterized. The grain refinement was affected as the parameters were modified. Tensile and microhardness tests were performed to determine the mechanical properties of the welding joints. Microhardness increased in fusion zone and decreased in heat affected zone. Tensile test showed ductile fracture in heat affected zone of the welding joints. The simulated profiles were compared with the experimental observations showing a reasonable agreement.


Corresponding author


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Effect of Laser Welding on the Mechanical Properties AISI 1018 Steel

  • M. A. Carrizalez-Vazquez (a1), M. Alvarez-Vera (a1), A. Hernández-Rodríguez (a1), J. M. Orona-Hinojos (a1) (a2), Gabriel Sandoval-Vázquez (a2) and J. L. Acevedo-Dávila (a1)...


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