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Development of Hybrid Structures of Silver Nanowire Electrodes for the Electrodynamic Screen (EDS) Films to Mitigate Energy Yield Loss Incurred by Solar Collectors Due to Soiling

  • Annie Rabi Bernard (a1), Ryan Eriksen (a1) and Malay Mazumder (a1)


This study aims at establishing environmentally stable and viable silver nanowire (AgNW) electrodes of an Electrodynamic Screen (EDS) film, by the inclusion of one or more protective layers of zinc oxide (ZnO) produced in lab by combining tetrahydrofuran (THF) and diethylzinc (DEZ). The electrodes can be realized as 1) stacked structure where the AgNW electrode has a layer of ZnO on top for protection or 2) sandwiched structure where the AgNW electrode is covered by ZnO layers, protecting it from the top and bottom. Experiments are done to test the effect of accelerated exposure to ultraviolet light, high temperature and passage of high voltage on the AgNW samples and are compared with the results obtained from the AgNW samples that have the ZnO protective layer which have also been subjected to the aforementioned test conditions. A complete water immersion test is performed in order to ensure functionality and efficiency of the ZnO/AgNW samples that are to be patterned as electrodes of the EDS film. This will demonstrate viability of the structure in the case of rain.


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