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Development of All-Diamond Scanning Probes Based on Faraday Cage Angled Etching Techniques

  • C. Giese (a1), P. Quellmalz (a1) and P. Knittel (a1)


We are proposing a novel fabrication method for single crystal diamond scanning probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM), exploiting Faraday cage angled etching (FCAE). Common, oxygen-based, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) dry etching processes for diamond are limited with respect to the achievable geometries. The fabrication of freestanding micro- and nanostructures is therefore challenging. This is a major disadvantage for several application fields e.g., for realizing scanning magnetometry probes based on nitrogen vacancy (NV) centres and capable of measuring magnetic fields at the nanoscale. Combining a planar design with FCAE and state-of-the-art electron beam lithography (EBL) yields a reduction of process complexity and cost compared to the established fabrication technology of micro-opto-mechanical diamond devices. Here, we report on the direct comparison of both approaches and present first proof-of-concept planar-FCAE-prototypes for scanning probe applications.


Corresponding author


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Development of All-Diamond Scanning Probes Based on Faraday Cage Angled Etching Techniques

  • C. Giese (a1), P. Quellmalz (a1) and P. Knittel (a1)


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