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Design of Near Infrared Reflective Effective Pigment for LiDAR Detectable Paint

  • J. H. Kim (a1), V. Patil (a1), J. M. Chun (a1), H. S. Park (a2), S. W. Seo (a2) and Y.S. Kim (a1)...


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a primary sensor for autonomous vehicles to recognize surroundings. It detects near-infrared (NIR) light pulses, typically at 905nm, which is emitted and reflected by surrounding objects. Here, the fact of the matter is that conventional black or dark-tone cars with extremely low NIR reflection are hard to be detected by LiDAR and endanger the future highway. In this work, we propose to use platelet-shaped effect pigments with visible absorption and NIR reflectivity. Copper(Ⅱ) oxide and Silicon dioxide multilayer are theoretically investigated with different numbers of layers and thicknesses. The optimized structures appear various dark-tone colors with high NIR-reflectivity over 90%.


Corresponding author


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Design of Near Infrared Reflective Effective Pigment for LiDAR Detectable Paint

  • J. H. Kim (a1), V. Patil (a1), J. M. Chun (a1), H. S. Park (a2), S. W. Seo (a2) and Y.S. Kim (a1)...


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