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Cultivating Metal Whiskers by Surface Plasmon Polariton Excitation

  • Vamsi Borra (a1), Daniel G. Georgiev (a1) and Victor G. Karpov (a2)


This work presents a preliminary experimental study on the possibility to initiate growth of whiskers on the surfaces of some technologically important metals utilizing the enhanced electric field of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). The results provide evidence that a relatively high concentration of what appear to be whisker nuclei form in the region where SPPs were excited, whereas no such changes are observed on the untreated surface.


Corresponding author


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Cultivating Metal Whiskers by Surface Plasmon Polariton Excitation

  • Vamsi Borra (a1), Daniel G. Georgiev (a1) and Victor G. Karpov (a2)


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