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The Continuing Effort to Enhanced Learning of Mechanical Behavior of Materials via Combined Experiments and nanoHUB Simulations: Learning Modules for Sophomore MSE Students

  • Aisling Coughlan (a1), Heidi A. Diefes-Dux (a2), Kerrie A. Douglas (a2), Tanya A. Faltens (a3) and David Johnson (a1)...


This paper outlines updates to and evaluation of a learning module that incorporates a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation tool with a physical lab to introduce students to the atomic-level processes that are responsible for plastic deformation. Sophomore materials science and engineering (MSE) students at Purdue University get experience with both a physical laboratory, where they perform and analyze tensile tests of macroscopic samples, and a simulation laboratory, where they run and analyze MD simulations of tensile tests of metal nanowires. By integrating these two activities and discussing reasons for the large difference in yield stress, students may build an intuitive feel for how plastic deformation is linked across length scales


Corresponding author


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