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CMP Challenges for Advanced Technology Nodes

  • John H Zhang (a1), Haigou Huang (a2), Andrew M. Greene (a3), Ruilong Xie (a1), Soon-Cheon Seo (a3), Pietro Montanini (a3), Wei-Tsu Tseng (a2), Stan Tsai (a1), Matthew Malley (a3), Qiang Fang (a2), Raghuveer Patlolla (a3), Dinesh Koli (a2), Dechao Guo (a3), Donald F. Canaperi (a3), Charan Surisetty (a3), Jean E Wynne (a3), Walter Kleemeier (a1) and Cathy Labelle (a1)...


The CMP challenges for advanced technology nodes are discussed. Global and local uniformity challenges and their cumulative effects are presented. Uniformity improvements for advanced node integration were achieved through slurry, pad and platen optimization, innovative integration schemes, the reduction of incoming variation and the reduction of cumulative effects. We discuss reduction of typical CMP defect types. Defects resulting from simple mechanisms (foreign material, polish residues) and those resulting from chemical and physical interactions (corrosion, chemical attack, scratches, physical migration) and strategies for control are studied. Defectivity reduction measures include new post-CMP clean chemicals, new slurries and pads and reduction of incoming defectivity. Finally we discuss an observed tradeoff between good defectivity and good uniformity.


Corresponding author


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