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Chemical Vapor Growth of Silicon Phosphide Nanostructures

  • Zhuoqun Wen (a1), Yiping Wang (a1), Zhizhong Chen (a1) and Jian Shi (a1)


In the search for chemically stable two-dimensional (2D) materials with high in-plane mobility, proper bandgap, and compatibility with vapor-based fabrication, van der Waals semiconductor SiP has become a potential candidate as a robust variation of black phosphorous. While bulk SiP crystals were synthesized in the 1970s, the vapor-based synthesis of SiP nanostructures or thin films is still absent. We here report the first chemical vapor growth of SiP nanostructures on SiO2/Si substrate. SiP islands with lateral size up to 20 μm and showing well-defined Raman signals were grown on SiO2/Si substrate or on SiP-containing concentric rings. The presence of SiP phase is confirmed by XRD. The formation of rings and islands is explained by a multiple coffee ring growth model where a dynamic fluctuation of droplet growth front induces the topography of concentric ring surfaces. This new growth method might shed light on the controlled growth of group IV-III high-mobility 2D semiconductors.


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Chemical Vapor Growth of Silicon Phosphide Nanostructures

  • Zhuoqun Wen (a1), Yiping Wang (a1), Zhizhong Chen (a1) and Jian Shi (a1)


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