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Antireflective and Self-Cleaning Properties of SiO2-MgF2/TiO2 Double-Layer Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method at Low Calcination Temperature

  • Hung-Chou Liao (a1), Sheng-Min Yu (a1), Wen-Ching Sun (a1), Wan-Ying Chou (a1), Shou-Yi Ho (a1), Tzu-Yu Wang (a2), Wei-Jen Lu (a2) and Li-Fang Lu (a2)...


SiO2-MgF2/TiO2 double-layer films with antireflective, self-cleaning and adherent properties were prepared by spin-coating SiO2-MgF2 and TiO2 sol on glass substrate successively and subsequently being calcined at 250°C. The optical and structural properties of films have been investigated by visible spectrophotometer and field emission scanning electron microscope, respectively. At the same time, self-cleaning property generated from superhydrophilicity and photocatalysis was obtained. The results indicated that the as-prepared SiO2-MgF2/TiO2 double-layer films show a maximum increase in transmittance near 520 nm wavelength of 2.8% and photocatalytic property with the R value of 4.7(JIS R 1703–2).It has been demonstrated that high transmittance, self-cleaning and adherent composite has been obtained by a simple sol–gel route presenting good potential to be applied on photovoltaics systems.


Corresponding author


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