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Alginate-iron modified zeolite beads biocomposite for removal of azo dye from water medium

  • Samantha Ortega-Aguirre (a1), María del Carmen Díaz-Nava (a1), Marcos J. Solache-Ríos (a2) and Javier Illescas (a1)


Organic compounds such as azo dyes have been detected in wastewater due to their use in industries without regulation. Conventional wastewater treatments are not always effective in the removal of these pollutants. Among the innovative materials that deal with this problem, are the polymer-zeolitic composites used as adsorbents. Modified natural zeolites have been proven to be efficient for the removal of yellow 6; on the other hand, biopolymers such as alginate offer their potential use as a polymer matrix for the synthesis of biocomposites. In this study, the adsorbent properties of a ferric zeolite and an alginate-ferric zeolite composite were determined for the removal of yellow 6 dye from aqueous solutions. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) results of both natural and modified zeolites indicated the presence of clinoptilolite. The characteristic bands of these materials were identified through the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) technique. Moreover, the presence of iron in the ferrous zeolite was verified by elemental analysis (EDS). Adsorption tests showed that the composite has a lower removal capacity than the zeolitic material; however, in the case of water treatment systems, the composite would be easier to handle than the zeolite without supporting it in a polymer matrix.


Corresponding author


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CONACYT Research Fellow.



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