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Adsorption mechanism of acid orange 7 on photocatalytic materials based on TiO2

  • A. Arteaga-Jiménez (a1), A. I. Caudana-Campos (a1), A. L. García-García (a1), E. Hernández-Zapata (a2) and M. A. Vidales-Hurtado (a1)...


The degradation of organic molecules in an aqueous medium using heterogeneous photocatalysis depends on the chemical composition and concentration of the organic compound, the crystalline and morphological nature of the photocatalyst, the pH of the dye dilution, and the reaction temperature. Since photocatalytic degradation is a process that occurs on the surface of the catalytic material, it is desirable to induce maximum adsorption of the organic compound. One strategy to achieve this is to functionalize the surface of the catalyst to retain the molecule of interest. In this work, we studied the interaction of acid orange 7 (AO7) with commercial TiO2-anatase powder catalyst, and with a catalyst synthesized in house using titanium tetrachloride and ethanolamine (TiO2-et). Our results indicate that there is no adsorption of the AO7 dye on the TiO2-et particles. The infrared spectrum of the TiO2-et particles is presented.


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Adsorption mechanism of acid orange 7 on photocatalytic materials based on TiO2

  • A. Arteaga-Jiménez (a1), A. I. Caudana-Campos (a1), A. L. García-García (a1), E. Hernández-Zapata (a2) and M. A. Vidales-Hurtado (a1)...


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