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Zr-rich non metamict perrierite-(Ce) from holocrystalline ejecta in the Sabatini volcanic complex (Latium, Italy)

  • G. C. Parodi (a1), G. Della Ventura (a2), A. Mottana (a2) and M. Raudsepp (a3)


This paper reports the first in-situ finding of perrierite-(Ce) in Latium. The mineral occurs as brownish-red, transparent, well-developed, euhedral, prismatic crystals inside the miarolitic cavities of a holocrystalline ejectum from La Mola, Monti dell'Anguillara district, Sabatini volcanic complex.

The cell parameters (from Gandolfi film) are (in Å): a = 13.629(9), b = 5.727(1), c = 11.715(6), β(°) = 113.74(2), V3) = 835.5(9). The crystal-chemical formula, based on microprobe analysis of one grain, is:

This perrierite is the most Zr-rich described so far. The entry of Zr in the C site of the structure is related to the substitution of large amounts of Ca in the A site, according to the charge balancing relationship:

The genesis of perrierite-(Ce) from La Mola is linked to late pneumatolitic-pegmatitic hypabyssal stages of the regional volcanic activity.



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Zr-rich non metamict perrierite-(Ce) from holocrystalline ejecta in the Sabatini volcanic complex (Latium, Italy)

  • G. C. Parodi (a1), G. Della Ventura (a2), A. Mottana (a2) and M. Raudsepp (a3)


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