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Trace element distributions between the perthite phases of alkali feldspars from pegmatites

  • R. A. Mason (a1)


The distribution of various trace elements between the K-feldspar and albite phases of perthites from several pegmatites was determined by ion microprobe. Ranges in distribution coefficients (wt. % in K-feldspar/wt. % in albite) are: Li, 1.2–780; Mg, 0.2–1.1; P, 0.1–17; Ca, 0.02–1.6; Cs, 32–820; Ba, 24–284; Pb, 1.6–30; Fe, 0.3–0.7; Rb, 59–5505; Sr, 1.3–5.1. The trace elements are zoned within the K-feldspar lamellae and the profiles are interpreted as the result of cross coefficients in the diffusion matrix.



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