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Synthesis and structure of magnesium hydroxide fluoride, Mg(OH)F: a topological intermediate between brucite- and rutile-type structures

  • W. A. Crichton (a1) (a2), J. B. Parise (a3), H. Müller (a1), J. Breger (a4), W. G. Marshall (a5) and M. D. Welch (a6)...


Magnesium hydroxyfluoride, Mg(OH)F, has been synthesized by a subcritical hydrothermal route from a 1:1 molar mixture of brucite, Mg(OH)2, and sellaite, MgF2 with a rutile type structure, in excess water. Using a combination of synchrotron X-ray and time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction, the structure of Mg(OH)F has been solved in the diaspore space group Pnma with a = 10.116(3), b = 4.6888(10) and c = 3.0794(7) Å at ambient conditions. The most intense diffraction lines are [d obs (hkl) I obs]: 2.291 (211) 10, 4.253 (101) 7, 1.747 (212) 7, 2.229 (401) 6 and 1.480 (610) (4) Å, with the largest d-spacing at 5.058 Å. Sharp infrared stretching bands are located at 3679 and 3645 cm–1, with a broader band at 3535 cm–1. The topology of the structure is intermediate between that of the OH and F endmembers, being derived through notional shearing nearly normal to the sheets of octahedra of the CdI2/Mg(OH)2-type structure. Further similar shearing at an interval 1/2a would lead to a Cd(OH)F-type structure, which is also related to the rutile structure type. The observations and model presented here indicate a close correlation between the structural properties of the endmembers and Mg(OH)F.


Corresponding author

Curent address: SAFT Li-ion Unit, SAFT, 111-113 Blvd. Alfred Daney, 33074 Bordeaux, France


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Work carried out while on sabbatical at the ILL and ESRF



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Synthesis and structure of magnesium hydroxide fluoride, Mg(OH)F: a topological intermediate between brucite- and rutile-type structures

  • W. A. Crichton (a1) (a2), J. B. Parise (a3), H. Müller (a1), J. Breger (a4), W. G. Marshall (a5) and M. D. Welch (a6)...


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