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Shape analysis of moldavites and their impact origin

  • J. Konta (a1)


1666 moldavites from 19 localities in Bohemia and 617 moldavites from 10 localities in Moravia were measured to yield parameters L (length), B (breadth), and T (thickness). A digital computer was programmed to calculate values T/L, (L-B)/(L-T), and according to Sneed and Folk (1958) and values q = B/L, p = T/B, and F = p/q according to Zingg (1935). Averages of large numbers of values characterize Bohemian and Moravian localities. Moldavites from most localities in Bohemia are often drop-like, flat or elongate with average values of between 0·53 and 0·66 and F between 0·68 and 0·91. Moldavites from Moravia are frequently massive to spheroidal with average in the range 0·60 to 0·75 and F between 0·87 and 1·08. Among the localities in Bohemia, four have moldavites with morphological features of Moravian moldavites. The data obtained permit an interpretation that localities of moldavites with low average sphericity contain less heated material. Less heated and thus more viscous glass could have flown along shorter trajectories (Bohemia). More heated glass was ejected to geographically more distant places (Moravia) or travelled along relatively long steeper trajectories (several localities in Bohemia).



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Shape analysis of moldavites and their impact origin

  • J. Konta (a1)


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