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Petrologic evidence for a rhodochrosite precursor of spessartine in coticules of the Venn-Stavelot Massif, Belgium

  • W. Schreyer (a1), H.-J. Bernhardt (a1) and O. Medenbach (a1)


Minute CaMg-bearing rhodochrosite inclusions were discovered in spessartine crystals of small coticule globules enclosed within redschists that form the country rock of the famous coticule bands of Belgium. This points to a former metamorphic reaction relationship between the two minerals, such as rhodochrosite + pyrophyllite = spessartine + quartz + CO2 + H2O. The coexistence of spessartine with Mg-chlorite in the coticule globule could also indicate more complex reactions such as rhodochrosite + sudoite + quartz = spessartine + Mg-chlorite + CO2 + H2O. Our finding casts some doubt on the suggestion by Kramm (1976) that spessartine formed from Mn-montmorillonite in previously glassy volcanic tufts.



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Petrologic evidence for a rhodochrosite precursor of spessartine in coticules of the Venn-Stavelot Massif, Belgium

  • W. Schreyer (a1), H.-J. Bernhardt (a1) and O. Medenbach (a1)


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