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The origin of the Kennethmont granite-diorite series, Insch, Aberdeenshire

  • M. T. Busrewil (a1), R. J. Pankhurst (a2) and W. J. Wadsworth (a1)


The Insch granite-diorite complex of Aberdeenshire consists of acid and intermediate igneous rocks that are quite distinct from, and younger than, the differentiates of the Insch basic mass.

The main components of the complex include two types of uniform granite (one pink, one grey), and a variety of inhomogeneous dioritic rocks (diorite xenoliths in grey granite matrix, granodiorite with residual mafic inclusions, and more uniform diorite). Full chemical analyses for major and trace elements are presented for sixteen rocks representative of all types, together with initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios and rare-earth-element distribution patterns for a selection of samples. The pink granite is not chemically related to the remaining members of the complex. Comparison with chemical data for a range of basic igneous rocks of the Insch and Boganclogh basic masses discredits the hypothesis that the diorite rocks were produced by assimilation of any of these in the grey granite magma. A primary diorite magma is recognized as essential to the petrogenesis of the complex.



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The origin of the Kennethmont granite-diorite series, Insch, Aberdeenshire

  • M. T. Busrewil (a1), R. J. Pankhurst (a2) and W. J. Wadsworth (a1)


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