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Maneckiite, ideally NaCa2Fe2+ 2(Fe3+Mg)Mn2(PO4)6(H2O)2, a new phosphate mineral of the wicksite supergroup from the Michałkowa pegmatite, Góry Sowie Block, southwestern Poland

  • Adam Pieczka (a1), Frank C. Hawthorne (a2), Bożena Gołębiowska (a1), Adam Włodek (a1) and Anna Grochowina (a1)...


Maneckiite, ideally NaCa2Fe2 (Fe3+Mg)Mn2(PO4)6(H2O)2, was found in a pegmatite at Michałkowa, Góry Sowie Block, SW Poland. The mineral forms subhedral and anhedral crystals ~150 μm × 150 μm in the outer zone of phosphate nodules, where it is associated with fluorapatite, wolfeite, Ca-rich graftonite and alluaudite-group minerals. Maneckiite is transparent, dark brown, with a colourless streak and vitreous lustre, brittle, and has a good cleavage // {010}, a splintery fracture and a Mohs hardness of ~5. The calculated density is 3.531 g cm–3. Maneckiite is pleochroic: α = dark green, β = dark blue/green, γ = light brown/tan, biaxial (+) with refractive indices α = 1.698(2), β = 1.706(2), γ = 1.727(2) and birefringence Δ = ~0.03; 2Vmeas. = 65.9 (1.5)° and 2Vcalc. = 64°, dispersion is obscured by the dark colour, and optical orientation X//a, Y//b, Z//c. Maneckite is orthorhombic (P cab ) and has unit-cell parameters a = 12.526(4) Å, b = 12.914(5) Å, c = 11.664(4) Å and V = 1886.8(5) Å3. The strongest reflections are (d hkl in Å; I; hkl): 2.759, 100, 402; 2.916, 78, 004; 3.020, 68, 401; 2.844, 35, 014; 2.869, 31, 240; 2.825, 30, 042. Maneckiite has the wicksite structure and is its M(3)Mn-analogue. The mineral crystallized as a product of Na- and Ca-metasomatism induced by a HT fluid in the presence of Al3+ from a neighbouring aluminosilicate melt. A Gladstone-Dale index, 0.027, places maneckiite in the category ‘excellent’.


Corresponding author


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Maneckiite, ideally NaCa2Fe2+ 2(Fe3+Mg)Mn2(PO4)6(H2O)2, a new phosphate mineral of the wicksite supergroup from the Michałkowa pegmatite, Góry Sowie Block, southwestern Poland

  • Adam Pieczka (a1), Frank C. Hawthorne (a2), Bożena Gołębiowska (a1), Adam Włodek (a1) and Anna Grochowina (a1)...


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