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Lucchesiite, CaFe2+ 3Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup

  • Ferdinando Bosi (a1), Henrik Skogby (a2), Marco E. Ciriotti (a3), Petr Gadas (a4), Milan Novák (a4), Jan Cempírek (a4), Dalibor Všianský (a4) and Jan Filip (a5)...


Lucchesiite, CaFe3 2+Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, is a new mineral of the tourmaline supergroup. It occurs in the Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka (6°35'N, 80°35'E), most probably from pegmatites and in Mirošov near Strážek, western Moravia, Czech Republic, (49°27'49.38"N, 16°9'54.34"E) in anatectic pegmatite contaminated by host calc-silicate rock. Crystals are black with a vitreous lustre, conchoidal fracture and grey streak. Lucchesiite has a Mohs hardnessof ∼7 and a calculated density of 3.209 g/cm3 (Sri Lanka) to 3.243 g/cm3 (Czech Republic). In plane-polarized light, lucchesiite is pleochroic (O = very dark brown and E = light brown) and uniaxial (–). Lucchesiite is rhombohedral, space group R3m, a ≈ 16.00 Å, c ≈ 7.21 Å, V ≈ 1599.9 Å3, Z = 3. The crystal structure of lucchesiite was refined to R1 ≈ 1.5% using ∼2000 unique reflections collected with MoKα X-ray intensity data. Crystal-chemical analysis for the Sri Lanka (holotype) and Czech Republic (cotype) samples resulted in the empirical formulae, respectively: X(Ca0.69Na0.30K0.02)∑1.01 Y(Fe1.44 2+Mg0.72Al0.48Ti0.33 4+V0.02 3+Mn0.01 3+Zn0.01)∑3.00 Z(Al4.74Mg1.01Fe0.25 3+)∑6.00[T(Si5.85Al0.15)∑6.00O18](BO3)3 V(OH)3 W[O0.69F0.24(OH)0.07]∑1.00and X(Ca0.49Na0.450.05 K0.01)∑1.00 Y(Fe1.14 2+Fe0.95 3+Mg0.42Al0.37Mn0.03Ti0.08 4+Zn0.01)∑3.00 Z(Al5.11Fe0.38 3+Mg0.52)∑6.00[T(Si5.88Al0.12)∑6.00O18](BO3)3 V[(OH)2.66O0.34]∑3.00 W(O0.94F0.06)∑1.00.

Lucchesiite is an oxy-species belonging to the calcic group of the tourmaline supergroup. The closest end-member composition of a valid tourmaline species is that of feruvite, to which lucchesiite is ideally related by the heterovalent coupled substitution ZAl3++O1O2–ZMg2+ + O1(OH)1–. The new mineral was approved by the International Mineralogical Association Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA 2015-043).


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Lucchesiite, CaFe2+ 3Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup

  • Ferdinando Bosi (a1), Henrik Skogby (a2), Marco E. Ciriotti (a3), Petr Gadas (a4), Milan Novák (a4), Jan Cempírek (a4), Dalibor Všianský (a4) and Jan Filip (a5)...


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