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Hyalotekite from reedmergnerite-bearing peralkaline pegmatite, Dara-i-Pioz, Tajikistan and from Mn skarn, Långban, Värmland, Sweden: a new look at an old mineral

  • Edward S. Grew (a1), Martin G. Yates (a1), Dimitriy I. Belakovskiy (a2), Roland C. Rouse (a3), Shu-Chun Su (a4) and Nicholas Marquez (a5)...


In specimens of Mn skarn from the type locality of Långban, hyalotekite, (Ba,Pb,K)4Ca2 (Si,B,Be)12O28F, occurs in a matrix consisting mostly of aegirine (⩽22 mol.% CaMnSi2O6), andradite (⩽27 mol.% Mn3Fe2Si3O12), hematite, pectolite, quartz, calcite, baryte, barylite, and hedyphane. Melanotekite, plumbian taramellite, ferrian K-feldspar (to 6.5 wt.% Fe2O3), rhodonite, a talc-like mineral, apophyllite, and several Pb-As-Sb-O minerals are found in trace amounts. In a single specimen of reedmergnerite-microcline pegmatite from Dara-i-Pioz, hyalotekite occurs in close association with microcline. Other accessory minerals are albite, aegirine, pyrochlore, eudialyte, and polylithionite. The optical constants for hyalotekite from Långban and Dara-i-Pioz are, respectively, α = 1.656, 1.646, β = 1.659–1.660, 1.649, γ = 1.670–1.671, 1.659 (all ± 0.002), 2Vγ (mcas) = 57.2–60.5 ± 0.5°, 57.0 ± 1.1°(λ = 589 nm). Cell parameters of the Dara-i-Pioz hyalotekite for a body-centred triclinic cell are: a = 11.284(2), b = 10.930(1), c = 10.272(8) Å, α = 90.35(2)°, β = 90.11(3)°, γ = 89.98(1)°. Electron and ion microprobe data show that Långban hyalotekite is heterogeneous even within a given sample; the most important substitutions are Pb = Ba, K and coupled B = Si and B = Be. Minor constituents include Mn in the Långban hyalotekite and Na in the Dara-i-Pioz hyalotekite, which also differs in its significantly higher Ba/Pb ratio. Conditions suggested for hyalotekite formation at Långban and Dara-i-Pioz are P ⩽ 4 kbar, T ⩾ 500°C, silica saturation, peralkalinity, and relatively high oxygen fugacities and low sulphur fugacities. These temperatures must have been sufficiently high to allow for miscibility of Pb with Ba (and K) despite the lone pair of electrons of Pb2+.



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Hyalotekite from reedmergnerite-bearing peralkaline pegmatite, Dara-i-Pioz, Tajikistan and from Mn skarn, Långban, Värmland, Sweden: a new look at an old mineral

  • Edward S. Grew (a1), Martin G. Yates (a1), Dimitriy I. Belakovskiy (a2), Roland C. Rouse (a3), Shu-Chun Su (a4) and Nicholas Marquez (a5)...


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