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H2O and CO2 in minerals of the haüyne-sodalite group: an FTIR spectroscopy study

  • F. Bellatreccia (a1) (a2), G. Della Ventura (a1) (a2), M. Piccinini (a1) (a2), A. Cavallo (a3) and M. Brilli (a4)...


This paper reports an infrared spectroscopic study of a set of sodalite-group minerals. The specimens have been identified using a combination of X-ray diffraction and microchemical analysis. As expected, the Si/Al ratio is ~1; the extra framework cation content is characterized by a well-defined Na ⇌ (Ca+K) substitution. The lattice parameters of the studied samples range from sodalite (sample LM11) with a = 8.889(2) Å, to haüyne (sample HR3S) with a = 9.1265(2) Å. The specimens, having the SO2– group as a dominant anion, show a clear correlation between the a cell edge and the K content. Singlecrystal FTIR spectroscopy shows that haüyne and nosean typically contain enclathrated CO2 molecules, inadditionto H2O and minor carbonate, while sodalite is virtually CO2-free. Detailed microspectrometric mappings show a non-homogeneous distribution of volatile constituents across the crystals, which may be related to the presence of fractures in the crystals. Because of such zoning, a relatively wide variation is observed when calibrating extinction coefficients on the basis of a bulk analytical method such as CHN elemental analysis.


Corresponding author


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currently at: Porto Conte Ricerche srl SP 55 Porto Conte-Capo Caccia, km 8,300 Loc. Tramariglio, Alghero I-07041 Sassari, Italy



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H2O and CO2 in minerals of the haüyne-sodalite group: an FTIR spectroscopy study

  • F. Bellatreccia (a1) (a2), G. Della Ventura (a1) (a2), M. Piccinini (a1) (a2), A. Cavallo (a3) and M. Brilli (a4)...


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