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The granitic pegmatites of the Fregeneda area (Salamanca, Spain): characteristics and petrogenesis

  • E. Roda Robles (a1), A. Pesquera Perez (a1), F. Velasco Roldan (a1) and F. Fontan (a2)


Pegmatites of the Fregeneda area, Salamanca, Spain, show a zonal distribution, from barren to enrichment in Li, Sn, Rb, Nb>Ta, B and P. They intrude pre-Ordovician metasediments which were metamorphosed to sillimanite-zone conditions near the Lumbrales granite. Field, mineralogical and petrographic data show the following zonal sequence from the granite outward: (1) barren pegmatites (pegmatites T1, T2, T3 and T4) with quartz, K-feldspar > albite, muscovite, tourmaline ± andalusite ± garnet; (2) intermediate pegmatites (types T5 and T6), characterized by the occurrence of beryl and Fe-Mn-Li phosphates; and (3) fertile pegmatites (dykes T7 and T8), with lepidolite, cassiterite, columbite, albite > K-feldspar, montebrasite and spodumene.

Tourmaline from different pegmatites shows significant compositional variations. Trace element variations in mica and K-feldspar suggest that the origin of the different pegmatitic bodies may be explained by three different paths of fractional crystallization of melts generated by partial melting of quartzo-feldspathic rocks.



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The granitic pegmatites of the Fregeneda area (Salamanca, Spain): characteristics and petrogenesis

  • E. Roda Robles (a1), A. Pesquera Perez (a1), F. Velasco Roldan (a1) and F. Fontan (a2)


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