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FTIR transmission spectroscopy of sideronatrite, a sodium-iron hydrous sulfate

  • G. Della Ventura (a1) (a2), G. Ventruti (a3), F. Bellatreccia (a1) (a2), F. Scordari (a3) and M. Cestelli Guidi (a2)...


This paper relates an infrared (IR) (6000–2500; 1400–400 cm–1) spectroscopic study of sideronatrite, Na2Fe3+(SO4)2(OH)·3H2O. Spectra in the 600–1250 cm–1 range are dominated by fundamental S–O absorption bands. Factor-group analysis based on the space group P212121(D4 2) is in accordance with the observed band multiplicity. A broad and convolute absorption centred around 3400 cm–1 and a sharp band at 3605 cm–1 are observed in the 2900–3900 cm–1 frequency region. The resolution of the broad band is significantly improved at liquid nitrogen temperature; seven components can be fitted to the pattern and these can be assigned to H2O/OH molecules in the structure. All components in the broad band and the sharp absorption at 3605 cm–1 are strongly polarized for E //a, in accordance with the structure analysis results. Infrared transmission spectroscopy is a useful tool to identify these sulfate minerals occurring in specific geological environments.


Corresponding author


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FTIR transmission spectroscopy of sideronatrite, a sodium-iron hydrous sulfate

  • G. Della Ventura (a1) (a2), G. Ventruti (a3), F. Bellatreccia (a1) (a2), F. Scordari (a3) and M. Cestelli Guidi (a2)...


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