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Euhedral crystals of ferroan platinum, cooperite and mertieite-II from alluvial sediments of the Darya river, Aldan Shield, Russia

  • G. G. Shcheka (a1) (a2), A. N. Solianik (a1), B. Lehmann (a2), A. Bieniok (a3), G. Amthauer (a3), D. Topa (a3) and J. H. G. Laflamme (a4)...


Idiomorphic crystals (up to 3.5 mm) of ferroan platinum, cooperite and mertieite-II were found in a heavy-mineral concentrate from stream sediments of the Darya river in the Aldan Shield, Russia. Pt-Fe crystals display cubic and thin platy habits; occasionally they are twinned. The chemical composition ranges from Pt2.64Fe1.00 to Pt2.88Fe1.00 with Os, Ru, Ir, Rh and Pd below the analytical detection limit of the electron microprobe. X-ray diffractometry of Pt-Fe crystals suggests a F-centred cubic lattice, characteristic of ferroan platinum. Some of the ferroan platinum crystals have large (about 100 μm wide) cooperite overgrowth rims or are covered by a Au-Ag alloy. Cooperite also occurs as large euhedral crystals (up to 3 mm across, partly twinned). Crystals of mertieite-II are speckled with μm-sized (2–5 μm) inclusions of sperrylite and intergrown with minerals of cooperite-braggite solid solution, Pt-Pd-Hg alloy, keithconnite and Au-Ag alloy. Fractures along crystallographic planes of the mertieite-II crystals are filled with Pd-Pt-Fe-Sb-As-Hg-Te-Bi-bearing oxides. The coarse-grained PGM from the Darya have a geological setting similar to the Kondyor PGE placer 75 km to the northeast and are probably related to clinopyroxenite-hornblende-magnetite units of Alaskan-/Uralian-type intrusions.


Corresponding author


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Euhedral crystals of ferroan platinum, cooperite and mertieite-II from alluvial sediments of the Darya river, Aldan Shield, Russia

  • G. G. Shcheka (a1) (a2), A. N. Solianik (a1), B. Lehmann (a2), A. Bieniok (a3), G. Amthauer (a3), D. Topa (a3) and J. H. G. Laflamme (a4)...


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