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Comparison of the relative comparator and k0 neutron activation analysis techniques for the determination of trace-element concentrations in pyrite

  • O. D. Osborne (a1), A. Pring (a2), R. S. Popelka-Filcoff (a1), J. W. Bennett (a3), A. Stopic (a3), M. D. Glascock (a4) and C. E. Lenehan (a1)...


Thirty pyrite samples from a wide range of localities were analysed using relative comparator and k0 neutron activation analysis (NAA) techniques at the University of Missouri Research Reactor, Columbia, Missouri, USA (MURR) and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia (ANSTO), respectively. Statistical analyses of the trace-element data produced by the two methods showed a generally good correlation, with the majority of elemental concentrations of paired data reported by MURR and ANSTO being indistinguishable at a 0.05 significance level. Trace-element analyses of pyrite from Navajún in Spain by both techniques compare well with published data. There is evidence for contamination by Al, Na and Ti in one set of samples, this is likely to have been introduced by contact with a plastic used in sample preparation.


Corresponding author


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