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Coiraite, (Pb,Sn2+)12.5As3Fe2+Sn4+ 5 S28: a franckeite-type new mineral species from Jujuy Province, NW Argentina

  • W. H. Paar (a1), Y. Moëlo (a2), N. N. Mozgova (a3), N. I. Organova (a3), C. J. Stanley (a4), A. C. Roberts (a5), F. J. Culetto (a6), H. S. Effenberger (a7), D. Topa (a1), H. Putz (a1), R. J. Sureda (a8) and M. K. de Brodtkorb (a9)...


Coiraite, ideally (Pb,Sn2+)12.5As3Fe2+Sn4+S28, occurs as an economically important tin ore in the large Ag-Sn-Zn polymetallic Pirquitas deposit, Jujuy Province, NW-Argentina. The new mineral species is the As derivative of franckeite and belongs to the cylindrite group of complex Pb sulphosalts with incommensurate composite-layered structures. It is a primary mineral, frequently found in colloform textures, and formed from hydrothermal solutions at low temperature. Associated minerals are franckeite, cylindrite, pyrite-marcasite, as well as minor amounts of hocartite, Ag-rich rhodostannite. arsenopyrite and galena. Laminae of coiraite consist of extremely thin bent platy crystals up to 50 urn long. Electron microprobe analysis (n = 31) gave an empirical formula Pb11.21As2.99Ag0.13Fe1.10Sn6.13S28.0 close to the ideal formula (Pb11.3Sn2+ 1.2)Σ=12.5As3Fe2+Sn4+S28. Coiraite has two monoclinic sub-cells, Q (pseudotetragonal) and H (pseudohexagonal). Q: a 5.84(1) Å, b 5.86(1) Å, c 17.32(1) Å, β 94.14(1)°, F 590.05(3) Å3, Z = 4, a:b:c = 0.997:1:2.955; H (orthogonal setting): a 6.28(1) Å, b 3.66(1) Å, c 17.33(1) Å, β 91.46(1)°, V398.01(6) Å3, Z = 2, a∶b∶c = 1.716∶1∶4.735. The strongest Debye-Scherrer camera X-ray powder-diffraction lines [d in Å, (I), (hkl)] are: 5.78, (20), (Q and H 003); 4.34, (40), (Q 004); 3.46, (30), (Q and H 005); 3.339, (20), (Q 104); 2.876, (100), (Q and H 006); 2.068, (60), (Q 220).


Corresponding author


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Coiraite, (Pb,Sn2+)12.5As3Fe2+Sn4+ 5 S28: a franckeite-type new mineral species from Jujuy Province, NW Argentina

  • W. H. Paar (a1), Y. Moëlo (a2), N. N. Mozgova (a3), N. I. Organova (a3), C. J. Stanley (a4), A. C. Roberts (a5), F. J. Culetto (a6), H. S. Effenberger (a7), D. Topa (a1), H. Putz (a1), R. J. Sureda (a8) and M. K. de Brodtkorb (a9)...


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