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The chemistry, reflectance, and cell size of the erlichmanite (OsS2)-laurite (RuS2) series

  • J. F. W. Bowles (a1), D. Atkin (a1), J. L. M. Lambert (a1), T. Deans (a2) and R. Phillips (a3)...


Microprobe analyses of members of the erlichmanite-laurite series from Guma Water and Senduma, Sierra Leone and Tanah Laut, Borneo, indicate that complete solid solution is possible between OsS2 and RuS2 with considerable substitution of Os and Ru by Ir, Rh, and Pt. The cell size of the erlichmanite from Guma Water is a = 5.6183±0.0003 Å at a composition (Os0.61Ru0.30Ir0.06Rh0.03)Σ0.93S2 whilst the laurite from Senduma has a composition of (Ru0.88Os0.05Ir0.04 Rh0.03)Σ0.93S2 and a cell size of a = 5.6089±0.0005 Å. Substitution of Os for Ru provides the predominant cause of the variation of cell size. Substitution by other elements of the platinum group appears to produce little effect on cell size and is presumably controlled by genesis rather than considerations of crystal chemistry or structure. The recorded analyses for these elements indicate a pre-dominance of Ir over Rh for members of the series containing more than about 15% of the laurite molecule. For the remainder of the series Rh is more important than Ir. The reflectance in air and oil of the members of the series from Sierra Leone and Borneo are presented and the microhardness of the erlichmanite from Guma Water shown to be 1854 kg/mm2. This is the first report of laurite from Senduma, Sierra Leone.



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The chemistry, reflectance, and cell size of the erlichmanite (OsS2)-laurite (RuS2) series

  • J. F. W. Bowles (a1), D. Atkin (a1), J. L. M. Lambert (a1), T. Deans (a2) and R. Phillips (a3)...


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