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The riebeckite-bearing dikes of Shetland (With Plate III)

  • James Phemister, C. O. Harvey (a1) and P. A. Sabine (a1)


The peninsula in which the mainland of Shetland ends north of Ronas Voe and Colla Firth is occupied mainly by the Ronas Hill Granite. This body is intrusive into a metamorphic series consisting of orthogneiss on the north and paragneiss oil the north-east, east, and south-east of tile peninsula. It is a biotite-granophyre within which earlier bodies of basic rock varying from diorite to gabbro are found. It is unsheared and unfoliated and is cut by a swarm of dikes with north-south trend which extends from tile north coast to Ronas Voe. There is evidence also of the existence of dikes earlier than the granite. The later dikes comprise spessartine, microdiorite, porphyrite, quartzfelspar- porphyry, and a great variety of felsites which are generally granophyric and spherulitic. Many of the felsites contain riebeckite and aegirine and have a corresponding blue or blue-green colour. From observation of chilling of dike against dike and intersection of dike by dike it has been found that tile basic dikes, spessartine, microdiorite, and porphyrite, are the oldest of the suite, the quartz-felspar-porphyries are older than the felsites, and the blue riebeckite-felsites are younger than white, pink, and dull red felsites which contain neither aegirine nor riebeckite



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The riebeckite-bearing dikes of Shetland (With Plate III)

  • James Phemister, C. O. Harvey (a1) and P. A. Sabine (a1)


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