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Time-Lapse Evaluation of Interactions Between Biodegradable Mg Particles and Cells

  • Florencia Alvarez (a1), Rosa M. Lozano Puerto (a2), Blanca Pérez-Maceda (a2), Claudia A. Grillo (a1) and Mónica Fernández Lorenzo de Mele (a1) (a3)...


Mg-based implants have promising applications as biodegradable materials in medicine for orthopedic, dental, and cardiovascular therapies. During wear and degradation microdebris are released. Time-lapse multidimensional microscopy (MM) is proposed here as a suitable tool to follow, in fixed intervals over 24-h periods, the interaction between cells and particles. Results of MM show interactions of macrophages (J774) with the magnesium particles (MgPa) that led to modifications of cell size and morphology, a decrease in duplication rate, and cell damage. Corrosion products were progressively formed on the surface of the particles and turbulence was generated due to hydrogen development. Changes were more significant after treating MgPa with potassium fluoride. In order to complement MM observations, membrane damage as detected by a lactase dehydrogenase (LDH) assay and mitochondrial activity as detected by a WST-1 assay with macrophages and osteoblasts (MC3T3-E1) were compared. A more significant concentration-dependent effect was detected for macrophages exposed to MgPa than for osteoblasts. Accordingly, complementary data showed that viability and cell cycle seem to be more altered in macrophages. In addition, protein profiles and expression of proteins associated with the adhesion process changed in the presence of MgPa. These studies revealed that time-lapse MM is a helpful tool for monitoring changes of biodegradable materials and the biological surrounding in real time and in situ. This information is useful in studies related to biodegradable biomaterials.


Corresponding author



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In memory of Florencia Alvarez (Flor) whose lovely life, plenty of fortitude, and spiritual values, we had the honor of sharing.



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Time-Lapse Evaluation of Interactions Between Biodegradable Mg Particles and Cells

  • Florencia Alvarez (a1), Rosa M. Lozano Puerto (a2), Blanca Pérez-Maceda (a2), Claudia A. Grillo (a1) and Mónica Fernández Lorenzo de Mele (a1) (a3)...


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