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Thickness Variations and Absence of Lateral Compositional Fluctuations in Aberration-Corrected STEM Images of InGaN LED Active Regions at Low Dose

  • Andrew B. Yankovich (a1), Alexander V. Kvit (a1), Xing Li (a2), Fan Zhang (a2), Vitaliy Avrutin (a2), Huiyong Liu (a2), Natalia Izyumskaya (a2), Ümit Özgür (a2), Brandon Van Leer (a3), Hadis Morkoç (a2) and Paul M. Voyles (a1)...


Aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy images of the In0.15Ga0.85N active region of a blue light-emitting diode, acquired at ~0.1% of the electron dose known to cause electron beam damage, show no lateral compositional fluctuations, but do exhibit one to four atomic plane steps in the active layer’s upper boundary. The area imaged was measured to be 2.9 nm thick using position averaged convergent beam electron diffraction, ensuring the sample was thin enough to capture compositional variation if it was present. A focused ion beam prepared sample with a very large thin area provides the possibility to directly observe large fluctuations in the active layer thickness that constrict the active layer at an average lateral length scale of 430 nm.


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* Corresponding author.


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Thickness Variations and Absence of Lateral Compositional Fluctuations in Aberration-Corrected STEM Images of InGaN LED Active Regions at Low Dose

  • Andrew B. Yankovich (a1), Alexander V. Kvit (a1), Xing Li (a2), Fan Zhang (a2), Vitaliy Avrutin (a2), Huiyong Liu (a2), Natalia Izyumskaya (a2), Ümit Özgür (a2), Brandon Van Leer (a3), Hadis Morkoç (a2) and Paul M. Voyles (a1)...


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